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We believe that everyone can learn a new language. We believe that understanding cultures is the key to effective communication. We believe that good leadership across cultures creates positive change, organizational success, and fuels innovation. We believe that our teachers, trainers, and consultants excel in what they do, and they are focused on your success.



At CultureSense International we believe that the pathway to making our world a better place is by improving global communication one person at a time.  We do this through Language Training, Culture Training, and Intercultural Management Consulting Services.



We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

American Expatriate

” As an American expatriate who spent her formative years in Chile, Dr. Herrera is uniquely qualified to grasp the differences and similarities between Anglo and Latin cultures, languages and world views.
When she couples this deep background experience with her irrepressible enthusiasm and a natural teaching ability,
her students find themselves learning the language and customs of the Spanish-speaking world in a comfortable, anxiety-free environment. In fact,
“Profesora” even makes learning fun by not overemphasizing dry rules, but rather by moving on quickly to conversation and to creating the magic and empowerment students experience when making themselves understood in a foreign language.
Most important, Dr. Herrera imbues her students with a lasting curiosity to learn more about the world and language she has revealed to them, leaving them a durable gift that survives her instruction.
In other words, she is not just another language teacher, but also a bridge to greater understanding between people of differing backgrounds.

Chan Lowe

retired journalist

Betty Griffin House,

“Ms. Herrera provided two training sessions for the Betty Griffin House,
which were insightful and made a positive impact on our employees.”

Beth Hughes

Executive Director, Betty Griffin House

Cross-Cultural Training

“I had my cross-cultural training with Susan Herrera today and it was fantastic.
I learned so much about how to gain credibility with Germans,
how to identify and survive culture shock,
how to adjust my style to be successful in a German work environment, etc.”

Stephanie L. Brzezinkski

Biometrics Product Manager, Motorola Biometrics

Senior Manager, Business Development, Pepsi-Cola Latin America

“You know the English language is a must in the performance of my work,
and I was able to learn several new topics that will certainly be useful…”

Alejandro Diaz

Senior Manager, Business Development, Pepsi-Cola Latin America

Custom-Designed Spanish, English as a Second Language, and Portuguese Training Programs

Ms. Herrera was personally responsible for creating and implementing multiple,
custom-designed Spanish, English as a second language, and Portuguese training programs for my employees a Pepsi-Cola Bottling International – Latin America Division, and Later at Citibank Latin America.

Ms. Herrera’s curriculum design, selection and training of teachers, and selection of textbooks and materials insured success among the participants involved in this training.

She was able to create programs to suit all levels of employees, from management to support staff. The students were able to use their new language skills quickly, in order to be more effective in conducting business both in the United States and in Latin America.”

Marilena Beuses

Former V.P Human Resources, Citigroup Latin America

Intensive Summer Spanish Program for Our Family

“We had a very special request.

We asked her to design an intensive summer Spanish program for our family,
to be taught on our boat in the Caribbean,
and its purpose was to enable our two sons to learn Spanish in a creative and fun environment,
and inspire them for future international careers.

Ms. Herrera embraced the challenge and designed a course for us,
and selected a teacher who could spend the summer with us,
and who was also a PhD in Romance Languages and a scuba diver.
This course was a great success.

Our oldest son is now in a management position for an American multinational corporation in Spain,
and our youngest son is doing graduate work in Spain.

Peter Murphy

Clean Caribbean Cooperative Board of Directors

“As President of CultureSense International, Susan addressed the Clean Caribbean Cooperative Board of Directors,
providing an interesting and thought provoking presentation on cultural communication and the diversity of Latin American Culture.

My staff and myself benefited immensely from the Spanish language classes we took under her tutelage. “

Paul Schuler

Clean Caribbean Cooperative

Best Practices in Cross-Cultural Training

“Ms. Herrera is a caring, compassionate, well-organized, and skilled trainer and administrator.
She continuously searches to provide excellence in training through ongoing research about world cultures,
and about the best practices in cross-cultural training. In addition,
she has written the training manuals that are used in the company’s training programs”.

Tammi Davis Walsh

Former Americas Regional Manager, Global Assignment Center, Motorola