Spanish for Intermediate Level IIB

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This course is open to new students and those who have attended Spanish for Intermediate II (or equivalent). To enroll in this class, students should have a good knowledge of the basics of the Spanish language including vocabulary such as directions, telling time, family, shopping, traveling, weather, pass times. Students should be able to participate in a simple conversation in Spanish, using regular present tense verb structures.   Students in this class may have some differences in Spanish language skills, based on previous language learning experiences.

Using a communicative/conversational approach, students will review and expand their knowledge of Spanish including conversation, listening, reading, simple writing, and basic grammar. Students will develop conversation skills about everyday life, travel survival skills such as shopping, giving, and getting directions, likes and dislikes, food, health, and more.  Students will review basic grammar skills including regular and irregular verbs, reflexive verbs, and basic preterite tense.

The Spanish Culture component will focus on a general introduction to the Spanish-speaking world, with topics such as geography, history, literature, art, cultural values, festivals, and celebrations as well as beliefs and attitudes.


 Professor: Rosa Maria Weaver
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